Cassidy Frye is currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee, and a Masters candidate at University Of Tennessee  

Growing up in a military family Cassidy Frye was raised around uniforms and multiple moves, without a sense of permanence. This continues to shape her current work. She expresses the feeling of never finding a place to call home. Home is not a permanent place that she can return to, it is a place that follows in travels. Home can fit into boxes or suitcases and becomes part of your identity; you become the place you are in and embrace the connections you make with people you meet along the way. We become defined by the places we have lived. When you first meet someone a common question that is asked is “Where are you from?” The answer begins to shape their image of you. A location that can be temporary and easily changed becomes who you are. Finding home is really about searching and discovering something comfortable. That comfort comes from the people we have met, the memories that were made, and the places we have stayed on our journeys.